Friday, May 14, 2010

When a product gets too big…

When Google ™ admitted today that it ‘accidentally’ spied on those people with WI-FI internet access; I thought this was a prime example how thing have gotten so out of hand, need to finally learn that a product or service can and does get too big.

If you listen to the Google ™ PR machine, they can be everywhere to do everything for everybody, all the time. This time, the heavy-handed approach to marketing promotion allowed the gathering of your personal data via WI-FI as you operate online through their ‘Street View’ application. This information identifies your personal data with the potential of being shared with an interested person or company in the third party.

Google ™ started out as a online encyclopedic database to look up anything and everything. They advertised Street View ™ as a system to collect images and information on every street corner using all available assets. These assets include people on foot, bicycle or vehicles. They promise to never, ever share your information. But now, they want to supply your phones. Something seems amiss here…..

This is the ‘line of departure’ with small business. There comes a time when small business is the suitable answer to your needs. In doing so, you work with a company that has a high personal touch you can reach anytime. Try calling a Google ™ representative to solve a particular problem. Mom and Pop had store that sought out a simple plan – serve the people in your own community. Once in a while, a customer walked in they couldn’t help.

I’ve tried Street View ™. I was impressed by the sheer value of data that they store... I was also, impressed by the amount of data they don’t have. Beltair Industries Imaging (BAII: strives to achieve and keep the small business paradigm when it comes to serving clientele. As a landscaper or realtor – how many times have you wished for a photo with an elevated aspect just to end up with a ‘free’ photo online that is less than satisfying?