Saturday, April 2, 2011

Adding tools..

Why use elevated imaging: (

As the first quarter of 2011 comes to a close, an important thing to realize is that ‘business as usual’ has taken on a new paradigm. Along with new tools, like digital imaging, comes social media and the all tools associated with them.

Getting more for your spending dollar is requiring more creativity, innovation and ‘vision’. One industry where this is very evident is the real estate market that has an approximate 80% consumer online rate of research for listings before serious talks or offers are made.

I believe ‘curb appeal’ is the phrase used in the industry of real estate photography. Mast mounted or elevated imaging is way to make that first impression to make people want to investigate more. First impressions cannot be redone. That first eyegrabber that says ‘hey, look at me – I’m different…’ has become essential for realtor sales success. Yet, there are other industries that can and will benefit from this method of photography.

Sometimes, the listing is the product for sale, and sometimes, the pool in the backyard is the product that tips the scales in favor of one listing over another. And still again, it could be the landcaping design that ultimately sells the house but these features are often hampered by the limitations of a handheld image (or ground- mounted camera) or a less than attractive online satellite image without the ‘POW!’ factor….

The concept of Pole-Assisted-Photography (PAP) is far from new, it’s just not as well known here in the US as other countries that have years headstart on us. However there are many sources to find this innovation at work: Elevated imaging -; or mast photography –

There are more than a few resources or small businesses available; Bird’s Eye Elevated Photography,; Elevated Photography to name one in England
or my company, Beltair Industries Imaging (BAII) to name one, deep in the southern California area, specifically San Diego county.

It is a natural leap to go from elevated photography to also obtain clear, attractive sales getting interior shots of a listing – which BAII provides in one rounded package of photography. This package can support a realtor’s listings or showcase the work of landscapers, pool installers, horticulturists or even solar panel installers. The new paradigm is get ‘more for your money.’

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