Friday, October 9, 2009

Still here and still toughing it out....

Well, we're into October of this difficult business year and it's time for me to send out another post to reiterate my intention to weather this economic downturn. I do elevated imaging and I own and operate BAII - Beltair Industries, Inc ( in the San Diego, CA area.. This method of imaging is similar to aerial photography except more flexible in nearly any category of imaging, at a price much more reasonable than the traditional air asset program.

For twenty years, I worked military intelligence systems, especially imaging systems. I then, went on to retire from the US Army and for a decade, continued my career in imaging technology as a systems engineer. Over time, I decided to strike out on my own and start BAII. I reasoned that in the hubbub of a fast moving city like San Diego, there is room for entreprenurial innovations that yield necessary services. There are issues of infrastructure, area modernization, litigation, and other common day-to-day issues that can be understood with photography.

In last month's blog, I mentioned that I was open to a co-op type of arrangement to gather related but non-competing businesses. Something like BAII and a realtor, or landscaper, or a transportion. Although the uptake on my offer has been slow, I can still see the symbiosis of this idea. In any event, drop by my website and check out what application may work for you and/or your projects. Or take the shortcut and go to Youtube and see the BAII video:

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