Friday, November 13, 2009

Information Release: eBlogger:

To all my fellow group members, a relatively new service (Vertical Response) is now linked onto my website. I urge you to go to, click on the ‘Link’ page and go to Vertical Response. What this will do is send you over to VR’s ‘Opt-In page that allows us to email each other and avoid issues of SPAM.

This capability allows you to contact BAII and ask questions more specific to your needs. Or, your can send me emails via the contact page available on the website. If you by chance, have come across any of my blogs, you are now familiar with my service to provide elevated imaging in support of your various projects. In this case of the construction projects around this region, BAII would be able to provide task progress and completion imaging. Call us, email us or use the ‘Opt-In’ to allow us to send you updates and newsletters of any all developments concerning elevated imaging.

Michael Belt

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